The Construction Products Directive

Cables and lines that are permanently installed in civil engineering structures are covered by the EU Building Products Ordinance (EU Building Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011).

The Construction Products Directive aims to establish harmonized conditions of construction products to be placed on the market and clear conditions for access to CE marking.

The essential characteristics of a construction product are defined and the manufacturer must always declare these features in a service declaration.

The service declaration is a requirement for the CE marking.

The affected products must be marked with a performance declaration and a CE marking according to Building Regulation beginning with 01.07.2017!

The requirements for cables and lines are laid down in the harmonized standard hEN 50575: 2014, "Power cables and cables, control and communication cables - Cables and lines for general applications in building contructions relating to the requirements for fire behavior".

Therefore the fire protection class is defined as the essential characteristic for the affected products.

The fire class is classified by Aca as "non-flammable" to Fca as "easily flammable". Class Fca is only declared by the manufacturer. From the Eca class onwards, the class shall be checked by an independent body, a so-called notified body, by way of a type-test. From the Cca class onwards, regular factory audits and sample taking from ongoing production are carried out in addition to the type design examination.

The notified body must also be indicated in the service declaration. The list of Europe-wide notified bodies is published on the Internet:

Performance declarations of our products can be seen on the corresponding pages.




PDF: The Construction Products Directive